Personal Effects Clearance with Delivery to Inside your Home.

HOW DO I CLEAR MY Unaccompanied Personal Effects 

Australian Customs and Quarantine formalities for the clearance of imports consignments are highly regulated in Australia.The correct preparation and completion of the clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be applied if the correct procedures are not fulfilled, therefore choosing an experience and professional Customs clearance service is the first step to achieve a trouble free customs and quarantine clearance.

Our dedicated team of customs brokers are fully licensed with the Australian Customs Service and have over 38 years experience in customs clearance.

We specialize in the customs clearance of personal effects in fact we offer a complete Customs and Quarantine clearance service with delivery to inside your house, yes our professional service will take care of everything, you only need to be home on the scheduled delivery day.


The Definition Of Personal Effects For Customs Purposes ?

Unaccompanied Personal Effects include your household and personal items that you are importing into Australia.
To import items as Unaccompanied Personal Effects and qualify for the duty concessions you must be an arriving person from a place outside Australia and the items must be your personal property that you owned whilst overseas.

Customs and Tax law provides a duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) free concession for certain items imported as Unaccompanied Personal Effects provided all of the requirements listed below are met:

• You must have recently travelled or intend to travel to Australia; and
• the goods must be your own personal property; and
• you must have owned and used the items for 12 months or more*Goods that are owned for less than 12 months will be subject to duty and GST assessment.

Personal clothing, footwear and grooming items (excluding fur apparel and perfume concentrates) do not need to be owned and used for 12 months if you are a permanent resident.

Unaccompanied Personal Effects do not include the following items:
• motor vehicles
• motor vehicle parts
• commercial goods 

Duty free concessions that apply to alcohol and tobacco products that you carry with you when you arrive in Australia do not apply to unaccompanied goods. 
Alcohol and tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars or other products containing tobacco) that are imported with your UPEs will be subject to duty,GST and/or Wine Equalization Tax(WET).

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO IMPORT ITEMS as Unaccompanied Personal Effects

 • a migrant who is coming to Australia to take up permanent residence for the first time
 • a person returning to resume permanent residence 
• temporary residents
• a returning Australian citizen 
• an Australian citizen who is residing overseas that has returned to Australia temporarily


There are other items that are covered under the UPE concession. There are certain conditions that will need to be met in order to import the following items: 
•non motorized caravans and trailers
•specific types of powered and non powered boats
•specific types of aircraft